Round Aus Pt1- Taree to Surfer’s Paradise

It’s cold and wet, the rain pours down,

The lawn’s a sea of mud.

The flamin’ cows – so tired they are –

Won’t even chew the cud.

The happy frogs down in the swamp

Are croaking “What a Ripper” 

The farmer’s cold and empty

Like a freshly gutted kipper.

With all this rain just where’s the dough

To pay the mortgage off?

Fair dinkum it would make you pack

Your bags and bugger off. 

This rotten rain, enough it is,

To give a man the pip.

Let’s sling our hook. Let’s do a bunk,

And let the mortgage rip. 

Our bags are packed. We’ve caught the coach,

Got up at dawn betimes.

And now we’re off with Ted and Baz

For warmer, drier climes.

Boys and girls, and chaps and blokes

And all you little bairns,

We’re roving north in Eggins’ coach 

To sunlit, tropic Cairns.

So all ye merry gentlefolk.

Let nothing ye dismay.

We’ll chase the sun and have some fun,

And do it all……..”Myway”.

We’ve had the cold, we’ve had the rain,

We’ve had the rotten weather.

We’re sallying forth and travelling north

Out to the Never-Never.

When we stop we’ll say “Good day”

To snakes, goannas, lizards.

And every night we’ll pour the grog

Straight down our bone dry gizzards.

 And why not,folks? – For people praise

The gentle art of giving.

Let’s give a little to ourselves!

Life’s also made for living.

We picked up Bet at Harrington,

But Ted got into strife.

He’d missed the town right off the tour,

Said Jan, his lady wife.

Near Kempsey, over Worrel Creek,

Ted pointed with a sneer.

“Those blokes are really up a creek.

The pub there has no beer.”

And it’s a fact! Slim Dusty who

Now lives down in the smog,

Amassed his fortune singing of

This pub run out of grog.

Nambucca Heads was where we stopped

To sip our morning tea.

Blue river waters surge to meet

The shimmering, boundless, sea.

Crash Bang McCarthy once lived here.

Car mending was his racket.

From tales I hear I greatly fear

He never made his packet.

Ted Hill knew Crash Bang very well

Before he called it quits.

A tractor tyre he once blew up

Exploded into bits.

Repairing once a fire engine,

Crash Bang fell in the mire;

Took morning tea, came back to see

The engine was on fire.

South Grafton RSL Club was

The venue for our lunch.

Ted said they’d catered often for

The Taree “Myway” Bunch.

But one successful barbecue

Had got so stinking hot

It took the tables, took the Club,

And torched the flamin’ lot!

We therefore crossed the city to

Its second RSL.

This Club did NOT burn down, and we – 

Well, we did pretty well.

When leaving Grafton later on

Irene could not be found.

The pokies had her in their spell.

‘Twas Ted was brought her round.

Murwillumbah we by-passed and

Condong hove into sight.

And when you say that name be sure

Your teeth are fixed in tight.

Speeding north through New South Wales,

(With zero interruption), 

Within a few short hours we reached 

The State of Mass Corruption.

 And if our Baz steps on the gas

So we can get a beer.

Well, drinking time is not a crime –

–Just raise your hats and cheer.

And should a passing cop come up,

Is speeding such a sin?

We’ll slip the cop his fifty bucks,

And everyone chip in!

For that’s the way they organise

Within the Sunshine State.

Don’t moan and growl. Don’t weep and howl.

It’s kismet, chaps. It’s fate.

It’s great that Cec McCaffrey

Has brought his Kath along

The word is (if we’re very good),

She’ll lead us all in song.

Kath did this in New Zealand

While our coach climbed Arthur’s Pass.

We knew if we went o’er the edge

We’d land right on……………….the grass.

Kath cheered us up. But umpteen sheep

Took flight straight up the hill.

They didn’t like the music, see……?

…….(I think they’re running still !)

Har-de-har and Ho-de ho !

Just kidding, sweet Kathleen.

You really are the nicest girl

That we have ever seen.

So dear old Ted, we’re in your hands.

(You’ve never been a failure !)

We leave it up to you and Baz

To show us round Australia.

2 thoughts on “Round Aus Pt1- Taree to Surfer’s Paradise”

  1. From Trish
    I remember as a child going to Surfers Paradise, and it rained. My sense of déjà vu reading this poem was so strong that I had to check when it was written.
    It seems to me it is not just the travel but the friendship and memories these trips bring, at a moment in life when you have time for anything. Having people to share it with broadens the joy and creates events you would not have singularly. Poker machines, alcohol, and limbered personalities create a melting pot of shared opportunities for happiness, free of mental and physical shackles.
    Jim makes me see that being involved and part of life is what creates happiness.
    In my current line of work, I note that the importance of this is often underestimated in care for the elderly.


  2. From Lynda
    One line says it all for me: “Life’s also made for living.” Jim and Irene have seen so much sadness, they inspire me to keep going. They have a laugh, but don’t judge. They EXPECT to be happy!
    It is wonderful that Jim’s cheeky verse can take us all on another ride with them.


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