Welcome to About Jim’s Book

Jim wrote this book essentially to document his life.

He gave it to his daughter Trish not only for his family,

but also in the hope that it might help others.

Lynda is now reading it,

seeking to understand how to navigate life

with Jim’s humour and perseverance.

Read along with us – one chapter at a time, or in whichever order you like.

Trish and Lynda will review each chapter, with their reactions and comments.

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As this book is a long read, each instalment will be a (large) bite size chunk. The number of parts per chapter will depend on how much Jim packed in per topic..

From now on we will attempt to post every Wednesday and Saturday, giving you more time to read, catch up, and enjoy. Hope you like the images we have (finally) been adding.

June 24 2020 Chapter 9 is about moving forward again. Despite their childhood difficulties, despite their wartime terrors, despite having a home and work, Jim and Irene together are leaving for another adventure. They are hoping to make more of their futures than seems to be on offer in London.