Welcome to About Jim’s Book

Jim wrote this book essentially to document his life.

He gave it to his daughter Trish not only for his family,

but also in the hope that it might help others.

Lynda is now reading it,

seeking to understand how to navigate life

with Jim’s humour and perseverance.

Read along with us – one chapter at a time, or in whichever order you like.

And now for the poetry – fun and serious.

Trish and Lynda will review chapter, and verse, with their reactions and comments.

Latest from the Blog

I can’t believe we have finished publishing Jim’s memoir. But as Trish said in her last Comment, we are too sad to let this finish. So we are pleased to present Jim’s poetry. Some are fun, and some serious.

Jim’s poetry will be published, on the Poetry page, every Saturday. Tomorrow we will start with the simple poem that Jim wrote to Irene. You can review its context at the beginning of the memoir.

Stay safe, and enjoy some happy reading with Jim, Trish and Lynda.